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Levels & Fields Workshop for Osteopaths With Gez Lamb

Dates: 24 - 26 March 2023 (2 and half days)

What will I gain from the Fields and Levels course?

Every tissue of the body creates a field of awareness that is palpable and recognisable as the field to which that tissue belongs. So for instance every boney cell in the body ‘knows’ that it belongs to the boney field and in that belonging it behaves in harmony with every other boney cell wherever it may be found. Likewise for each morphologically distinct tissue type there is a field to which it belongs and in which it ‘lives and moves and has its being’.

This phenomenon can be used to make treatment more powerful by first engaging the tissue and field and then applying the technique.
There are seven distinct levels of function within the Primary Respiratory Mechanism and these levels may be identified in a very straightforward way according to their distinct quality. Once the practitioner has identified the level then the body is aware that the practitioner knows and treatment begins in an harmonious interplay between the deep intelligences of both practitioner and body. The resolutions and subsequent efficiency of function may be palpated from the body physical through to the innermost functioning of the patient’s being bringing about harmony of body, mind and spirit.

The endocrine centres also relate to the psychological and emotional life of the human being. These centres each have a specific function relating to the inner life. With this knowledge it is possible to locate where a person is processing a particular aspect of their life and with a little help from the practitioner’s knowing hands a better balance may be achieved. A few appropriate questions relating to the particular psychological function will then initiate a rebalancing and a release from an ingrained patterning

An essay on the subject by Gez Lamb can be found here.

Registration: Fortbildung (at) osteopathie-imstaedtli.ch (please send a copy of your Osteopathy Degree certificate)

Cost: CHF650 (50% deposit Confirms your place)

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